Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday Choon: Arty, Matisse & Sadko - Trio

Arty has got to be one of my favourite DJ's in the trance area. From Russia he completely blew me away with his sets at ASOT500 and this year he managed to do it again at ASOT550. His remix of Dmad - She gave me happiness has been my cell phone ringtone for the past 2 years and it still sounds good. For his new release he has teamed up with Matisse and Sadko to produce "Trio". Aptly named since its by the 3 of them and its being playing world over by all the top DJ's, recieved a great reception at ASOT550 and Ultra. There isnt a music video out of it and I doubt there will be one but here is the song none the less.

"There is no party without Arty!" - Armin Van Buuren

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