Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 in words

I am writing this on the eve of what is supposedly the end of the world but it has nothing to do with that. 2012 was another year but with it brought along a lot of surprises, new challenges, new expectations, new friendships, strengthened old friendships and sadly lost some but things happen for the better, so they say.

This year saw me purchase my very first car, at age 26 I can say I was pretty fortunate to have had one provided for me all these years but it felt good to have that sense of independence. I did more than 22,000 kilometers with it and its seen all sorts of terrains. The police seem quite fond of it as well since they keep sending me pictures of it.

Job wise, its been great. The company I work for and the team I'm in couldn't be better, seeing the companies vision for the future and with the rest of the team driven by the same passion can only lead to one thing and that is success but hard work is required, its a good thing that we all know that.

I took up golf, cant say I am very good at it but I'm trying to up my game. Its a sport that I always wanted to learn and I'm gland I am getting the chance to. It requires a lot of attention and you have to have the right mind set otherwise you're going to stuff things up on the course. Like life, you have to remember the basics, if you get that right you shouldn't have a problem.

My sporting teams havent been the best with the Sharks reaching two finals but missing out on both, with Liverpool theres a lot of work to be done. We're playing some brilliant football but are lacking in the goals department, hopefully some purchases in January can change things around for us.

I registered for University... well sorta, UNISA are being a pain in the backside so I have to sort that out soon since I want to begin first thing next year. One of my favourite phrases is "learn something new everyday", guess I'll be learning a whole lot more next year!

In terms of life online, I couldn't predict what had happened. Breaking 2000 followers on twitter, getting 50,000 and 100,000 blog views in one calendar year. Its just been mind blowing and I appreciate the support. I will try much harder next year and maybe add to the feature content as well as get a proper domain.

This year saw me experience a lot, some say its luck, I am just grateful for the opportunities that were given to me. From the KFC Great taste tour to the BMW driving experience, its all been a blast and sharing it with everyone made it so much better. Hopefully next year holds more travel and adventures as I never tire of them!

As far as my love for music goes, 2012 has probably been the best year for me. I rediscovered my love for trance and EDM music and probably saw the best concert I will ever see in Linkin Park at Soccer City. I was also fortunate enough to party along with world class DJ's such as Steve Aoki, Avicii, Cosmic Gate and most recently the Belgium duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

2012 wasn't a roller coaster of a year but it wasn't plain sailing either, on the whole if the world had to end tomorrow I'd be pretty satisfied with what went down this past 12 months but realistically I cant wait to see how 2013 goes, in life its good to plan your journey as you know where your destination lies but only you have the map and can figure the best route which isn't always the shortest. Here's to a merry festive season and a happy new year! Stay safe on the roads and don't drink and drive.

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