Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monday Choon: DJ Naaldekoker feat. Goodluck - The Meltdown

If you read his name and thought "DJ what?", you wont be the only one. He is Jack Parrow's DJ who mixes the sick beat for the Belville rappers tunes but thats more hip hop and you wont associate him to dance. Why the weird name? Here is what he told News 24, "My real name is Jansen-Pierre Myburgh. I chose DJ Naaldekoker because I started as a scratch DJ, and scratch DJ's scratch records with needles hence "Naaldekoker" (Needle cooker) and it’s also Afrikaans for dragonfly". Anyway, its his music we're more interested in, The Meltdown features Goodluck who were phenomenal in 2012. The song is already one of the favourites on 5fm's charts and its fully deserved.

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