Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Relive Ultra Music Festival Miami 2014

Probably the most antiscipated event from Ultra other than the music festival is the official release of their aftermovies. With Final Kid in charge of the mammoth task in creating the ultimate experience for fans around the world to relive the event, they have their work cutout with them having to make this years even better than the years before which was mind blowing! They're calling this video "a short movie" with the tag line "United We Dance" and is different from previous after movies with only one track featured in the entire 15 minute duration. Also they feature interviews with the various DJ's and some of the frequent fans that visit the festival. All in all it still is a damn good production, the added insights from the DJ's really give you a sense of what they're going through while performing for the masses and it just makes you want to be there, to experience it all! If theres one thing an Ultra After Movie does, it makes you want to attend the next one and this definitely does that, enjoy!

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