Thursday, October 2, 2014

Amstel Lite - Make Your Play

The all new Amstel Lite is relatively new to the market but yet it's becoming a firm favourite with many as it retains the great taste we have come to love from Amstel but with less calories. Perfect for the many on their diets and training programs heading into summer. If you've been watching TV of late you may have spotted some of the new Amstel Lite adverts, it follows the life of a bottle of Amstel Lite from the factory but in each case one manages to fly off the truck to one of three different charactars. The adverts make use of the tag lne of the new Lite beverage "make your play" where by each charactor makes the most out of the situation he find himself in with the bottle of Amstel Lite. It's all put together very cleverly in a a 30 second piece, add to that a good and catchy background track.



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