Sunday, November 23, 2014

Monday Choon: David Guetta feat. Sam Martin - Dangerous

I'll be straight out and honest, I don't like Mr Guetta's music, he started off as a good DJ but as the commercial bug bit him, he kept spewing out the same type shitty music thaat kept making it onto the Top 40 charts around the world. Don't get me wrong, I know thats the point of being an artist, to be successful and have your work recognised but I feel in the world of EDM, he took the easy way out and made... pop like music. Okay, enough with the bashing of him and onto todays feautred song, I first heard it at the GH Mumm launch as it forms part of their official F1 anthem and boy is it good. Guetta teams up with Sam Martinwho provides the vocals, add to that the catchy bass line and brilliant music video, this song is a winner in my books and sure to be a summer hit. 


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