Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Uber Price Cuts!

It's safe to say South Africans have embraced Uber with open arms with over a million trips completed across the country in 2014. June marks the one year anniversary since the launch o UberX, the cheaper alternative to Uber Black and with that Uber have decided to reward it's riders with 20% off all trips using UberX during June. Yes you read that right, the whole of June, 20% off UberX trips!

Approx pricing for CT using UberX in June
General Manager for Uber Joburg and Durban, Alon Lits had this to say, "As Uber has seen in many other cities around the globe, more people want a ride when prices are lowered. This increased demand means drivers spend less time waiting for a passenger and more time earning. Using Uber is already more cost effective than owning your own vehicle. This price cut goes further, getting even more people out o their cars and into Ubers and, in turn, helping the entrepreneurs who partner with us to earn more."

Approx pricing for Durban using UberX in June
As you all know Uber has done wonders in terms enabling drivers to become entrepreneurs in the industry, so you will be happy to know that they will still earn their full amount during the trips in June. With this decrease in rates for UberX in June, they are encouraging South Africans to #DitchYourKeys in June and take advantage of this amazing offer from them.

Approx pricing for Joburg using UberX in June
For more info, follw @UberRSA on twitter and Uber on Facebook, alternatively you can visit their website at www.uber.com

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