Friday, March 2, 2018

Bucket Scene: Senhor Peri Peri

This past week I was invited to sample something new to KZN, but has been around in Johannesburg and Cape Town for some time now, Senhor Peri Peri. The franchise just recently opened the doors to it's first branch in the province, located in the food court at the brand new Cornubia Mall. Having been sent some of their delicious sauces to sample a few weeks ago, I still went to the store with a thought in my mind, wondering how much better would this be to the other popular Peri Peri chicken franchise in the country. I suppose it's only natural for one to compare but after sampling the food, soaking in the experience and chatting to the store manager, it was evident that although what you see on the menu might be similar, it was quite different and unique in its own way. 

First up, the decor, seriously love what they done with the space, it's a nice mixture of the Portuguese and Kasi cultures, with art reminiscent of both. Giving you that feeling that this is a true South African franchise. The lantern style light fittings are quite a nice feature over the dinning and ordering area. The Menu is extensive, offering more than what you would normally get at a similar type of eatery with grilled prawns, prego beef strips, macon(mutton) and vegetarian options if chicken isn't your first fancy but trust me, as I will explain later, you're going to want to try the chicken!

Studying the menu made myself and my mate quite hungry and rather confused as to what to order. As we really found quite a few items that tickled our fancy but there's only so much one could eat. So we turned to the manger, and made it his problem as to what we should order. After getting to know what our preferences were, he suggested we go for their current "WTF" (Where's The Food) promotion, which consists of a full chicken, basted in a sauce of your choice, 12 prawns served on spicy rice and a large Portuguese salad, all for just R249! Quite a bit for the two of us but it sounded pretty good and had both chicken and prawns which I wanted to try, so it was decided. 

The store has quite a few specials, another which caught my eye was a chicken pita and side for just R49,90. Other popular menu items include burgers, which you have a choice of grilled or crumbed, as mentioned their grilled prawns and beef prego, and on the sides list they even offer grilled mealies as well as pap and gravy. With the cooking station being right behind the till point, you can get the delicious aroma's in the air while awaiting your food, which made the wait all more worth it so when the food arrived we were ready to attack!

The presentation of the food was spot on with each item having it's own platter. We opted to have the chicken cut into 8 pieces which didn't make us look like gluttons with our plates over flowing. First up I tried the prawns, which were grilled in garlic butter, full of flavour, cooked just right as each were tender, juicy and complimented well with the spicy rice. A splash of lime over it just brought out that flavour. Grilled prawns is not something I would order at a take-out in a hurry but Senhor Peri Peri have just changed my perception on them. Next up was the chicken, it was evident that that chicken was cooked well with the char on the skin, making it crispy on the outside, but juicy on the inside. The sauce was the show stopper though, it just blew my mind, it's creamy and silky texture matched the chicken to perfection. For something similar, you would have to pay a fortune for at a  restaurant, and with a quarter chicken costing just R38,90 at Senhor Peri Peri, it is a steal! The sauce was flowing in the platter so you could dunk in for more flavour. 

Before we knew it, we finished off our meal! Well, there was some salad leftover. not that it was bad but simply because we didn't have anymore space left in us.  I've already been telling people about my experience since and it is definitely worth a visit, as mentioned there is something to suit everyone's fancy and with the added convenience of it being well located at Cornubia Mall which offers free parking for up to 6 hours, why wouldn't you want to bring your family to dine here? I'll certainly be heading back for me soon! Also if you like me, just can't get enough their amazing sauces, it is available for purchase. 


Name: Senhor Peri Peri
Location: Shop U45, Cornubia Mall, Cornubia Drive, Mount Edgecombe
Tel: 031 537 3828
Twitter: @SenhorPeriPeri
Instagram: senhor_periperi
Facebook: SenhorPeriPeriSA

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