Thursday, July 23, 2020

Bucket Tech: Lenovo Legion

A gaming phone? Whats this? 2002? I mean that is the last time I remember a fully fledged gaming phone being available, the Nokia N-Gage but it's 2020 and there's a lot of strange things going on this year, so here's another, a new gaming mobile phone! Lenovo have released their Legion Phone Duel which is the first 5G1 mobile gaming phone that incorporates speed and smarter features. While the thought of a phone made for gaming might seem odd, you have to look at the reality of whats going on, mobile gaming has been on the surge for the past decade, while games that gained popularity didn't require complex coding and graphics,, for example Candy Crush and Angry Birds,  it still proved to be a lucrative market for gaming companies. With the advancement in mobile phone technology over the years which saw phones getting fitted with cameras that can zoom into the moon, what was stopping them from using these superfast processors to power high graphics games? That's exactly what the folks at Lenovo thought when developing their Legion. 

Gaming on a smartphone can be very resource intensive, with this in mind ,the Lenovo Legion mobile gaming engineers and designers worked with the gaming community to prioritize their most valued product attributes Turns out, may mobile gamers agree with PC players on the must-have features, such as balanced performance, reliable stamina, incredible performance and more in the lineup of high-powered Lenovo Legion PCs earlier this year, the Lenovo Legion team was well positioned to deliver on mobile and PC gamers shared needs. The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset with 16GB LPDDR5 high capacity RAM. By inventing advanced methods to better dissipate heat with dual liquid-cooling and copper tubes, plus moving the dual 2500mAh batteries off to the sides, where gamers hands would rest (vs forcing them to touch the warm logic board encasing the processor), Lenovo made the handset easier to hold while also extending game play without the feature of overheating. They even made the charging port more convenient which wont get in your way whil playing. The gull 90W Turbo Power charging has two ports from center and side ports to power up both batteries for a combined total of 5000mAh. Go from 0 to 50% power in just 10 minutes and a full charge takes 30 minutes. 

The phone is pretty stylish, features a 6.65 inch full HS AMOLED touchscreen display with 144Hz refresh rate for videos and games. The phones unibody is hexagonal shape, and available in two colours, high-octane red and cool blue. Both have programmable RGB lighting effects from the Lenovo Legions Y icon on the back of the device. The devices weighs in at 239 grams and just 9.9mm at its thickest point. The Legion features a high powered 20MP front facing camera that stays tucked inside the bezel and pops out for selfies and live streaming, it also features auto-reach drop protection, so it ducts back in when it detects the phone is falling. The main camera is a 64MP which also has a quad pixel sensor for shooting high-quality 16MP resolution photos in dark and bright conditions. Video recording can be done in HD 1080p as well as 4K at up to 30FPS. You can also self-record your voice and reactions as you play, simply wake the built-in front camera while gaming to simultaneously record and overlay your image on-screen. This featured is compatible with popular streaming apps 

The Lenovo Legion 5G is the ultimate gaming phone, offering 5G speeds capable of speeds up to 2.52 Gb/s, created especially for the gamer in mind. From the design, to the colours and functionality will have every gamer frothing at the mouth for one. It's powered by Android OS and will be available in China by the end of the month, local pricing and availability still to be confirmed. 

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