Monday, March 9, 2020

Monday Choon: Paul van Dyk - Duality

Paul van Dyk, there's a name we didn't hear of in a while on the blog, Paul ranks as one of the all time greats of trance music and we are privileged to not only have him producing music even after his mishap a few years ago but also to sticking to the same type of stuff he's been known for making. Today's featured track "Duality" has been inspired form the recovery of his famous accident he suffered at ASOT750, during his recovery period Paul did a lot of reading and as a result his music has taken a new meaning and interpretations from his accident, to his awakening from unconsciousness as well as the healing process.  Inspirational stuff from the trance DJ legend. It really is an emotional one for those who know his music and we're just glad he is still  able to do what he loves and keeping us, the fans happy with great music. 

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