Monday, December 14, 2020

Monday Choon: John Grand - Nine to Five


LA based DJ and producer John Kunkel better known by his stage name John Grand has released his latest EP titled "Who We Are". I had a listen to it a while back and this one particular song just stuck out for me, so much so I kept on repeating it on my playlist whenever I had the chance. Nine to Five is a proper banger and one that any trance lover will love and appreciate from start to finish. Interesting fact about John, before his dive into EDM, he used to be the lead singer of a band called The New Division, so he has a multitude of talents in the music spectrum so you know he has a great appreciation of the art. You'll notice this in this particular track, how everything is done in such precision, from the build-ups to the drops and the chorus. Simply brilliant, so turn up the volume and enjoy Nine to Five for whom many are in their last working week of 2020. 

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