Monday, March 15, 2021

Monday Choon: Super8 & Tab and Tom Fall feat. London Thor - September


Finnish DJ duo Super 8 and Tab are back to bring us their hybrid trance energy and today's featured track from them includes another Finnish producer Tom Fall and the beautiful London Thor providing the vocals, no she's not from London but rather Los Angeles. The song is a beautiful melody of sounds with a gentle and gradual build-up that is eased in with London's soothing vocals. The added acoustic sounds of the guitar is brilliant before the baseline starts for the build-up along with the increase in BPM before the drop. It's a love song but a trance song that strings all the right notes, and beautifully composed. It gets you carried away bringing back memories of previous of years gone by as you get lost in the lyrics and by the time you know it the track is over but you will be hitting repeat soon after, so enjoy! 

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