Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Choon: Wolfpack & Warp Brothers - Phatt Bass 2016

Many will remember this familiar sound from the Blade series of movies which was first released in 1998! Damn I feel old now, but in anycase, back then the original song was done by New Order and titled "Confusion" with the Pump Panel Remix being the main song for the movie. It was a favourite at many raves back in the day and now Wolfpack and Warp Brothers have brought it back and succeeded in making it even darker and as the title suggests, added more bass to it. The official music video also follows the lines of the movie with more blood sucking creatures of the night, at least they're driving a nice car. The song is a great rework and many lost their shit to it when Dash Berlin dropped it at Ultra as his opening track. 


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