Friday, April 1, 2011

FHM Fridays - 8

The List

Week 8 and I was almost late with this one, with good reason too! Today not only do I feature another 3 stunning ladies that deserve worshiping but one of them is from across the border.

Favourite: Dominique Piek

Im going to be straight up and honest about this, before twitter I never really heard of her but I suppose if she was called up at the age of 14 to model in London I wouldn't really have seen her in anything unless I read woman's magazines. Dominique is a rare beauty of note, when I got to know her she was spending time in France and then moved on to the  Big Apple to join up with her mate and previous FHM Friday pick Candice Boucher. Dominique has graced the pages of many world famous publications such as Cosmo, Shape and most notably last years Sports Illustrated International Swimsuit edition. Yup the girl from Somerset West has come a long way and boy are we proud of her so its only fair we do our bit to help out.

Underdog: Siobhan Parekh

Now I know I said in the beginning that I was going to keep my picks 100% local but I cannot turn a blind eye to this Goddess from across the Indian Ocean. Siobhan pronounced "sho-bhan" hails from the land down under and is off Irish and Indian decent. She first had me drooling when I spotted her in a shoot for Maxim, her mixed heritage and great gene pool has made her a beauty that would stop hearts from beating, so one can only imagine the excitement it brought me when I discovered she had a twitter account! From following her I get the impression that she is a very calm person, with great taste in music and loves to dance but most importantly she has a good heart. Which brings me back to her heart stopping beauty as she was also featured in FHM's 3D catalogue last year! Now tell me shes not worthy to make the list!

Legend: Tanya Van Graan

When I hear the name 'Tanya Van Graan' only one picture pops into my mind, the picture in question is featured below. The 2007 winner wowed us in many a shoot for FHM, and not that we're complaining, she also was featured in SASI swimsuit edition as well as making many a calender ├╝ber hot with her presence. With looks like hers it wasn't a surprise when she wanted to make a move for on screen appearances with her doing a few local productions until taking on Hollywood with her first feature film being Starship Troopers 3. Today you can find her still pursuing her career in film and I'm sure sooner than later we'll see her in an Oscar winning role... well we don't mind watching anything shes in really.

The picture mentioned... drool

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