Friday, April 8, 2011

FHM Fridays - 9

The List

Hard to believe its already week 9 of FHM Fridays and the feature is coming to an end, but theres still 6 more local bombshells to feature and today we have 3 that will sure to get your hearts pumping.

Favourite: Adeline Mocke

Now if many of you watched the last season of SA Idols, shes pretty much the reason you did so. The Upington girl who now resides in Johannesburg proved to the nation that not only does she look like an angel but she can sing like one too! Without making her sound too much of the nice girl type she shot back into the sexy scene with 2 shoots for FHM, one being a cover and there after entering the Wonderbra model search competition in which she made it into the top 4, which isnt any easy feat! Idols wasnt her first break onto the scene as she did previously feature on FHM, with her gorgeous looks and ever flowing blonde hair we can be sure to see more of this beauty in the future.

twitter: @AdelineMocke


Underdog: Adele Segal

Where to start with this Pretoria born blonde bomb shell? Shes racked up accolades over the years like an unstoppable steam train, from FTV calender girl in 2007 to Face of Avon in 2008 is just some of the many titles she's held. It doesnt stop there with her as shes also been featured in many television adverts as well as in the printed media. This year she made it into the top 10 finalists of the FHM Models 2011 competition and Im sure just narrowly lost out on the title. She currently runs her own health and skincare clinic and is happilu married (darn I know!) to former Mr South Africa, Steve Segal. Her modeling portfolio speaks for itself so its good reason for us to help her get on the list of the 100 sexiest.

twitter: @AdeleSegalx


Legend: Tanit Phoenix

Shes hot, nuff said....but I cant leave it as that since theres so much more to this woman that meets the eye. The Durban girl (another one, yes we breed them well here on the east coast) has appeared in many a magazine, done many a shoot in skimpy clothing but the more we see, the more we want! By starting at a young age in the modeling world Tanit has achieved great success both in South Africa and around the world, with some of her notable achievements being appearing on the cover of both the German and US Maxim magazines. Besides the FHM, SA Sports Illustrated shoots, shes also a budding actress, from staring in local movies such as "Straight out of Benoni" and most recently "Spud" she now taking on Hollywood, staring along side Nicholas Cage and Jarod Leto in God of War and one of her latest movies being Death Race 2. Its ladies like Tanit that give us inspiration that anything is possible, of course theres a lot of hard work involved but in her case we're glad it hasnt taken toll on her beauty.


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